Final Reflection

Sorry to interrupt the usual programming, but this is not yet my independent fashion blog. It’s still a school assignment that requires school-related work. I’ll be back with more fashion stuff soon.

So now that my internship is over, I have a chance to reflect on my experience. I learned a lot about how the journalism field of fashion works, the pace of both industries, and how to cater to a specific target audience. I loved learning about designers I didn’t know of before, like Loeffler Randall (see almost every post I did last week) and being sent out to cover sales. My favorite part of the internship was writing articles. It felt so grown up to know that someone trusted me with the responsibility to be the actual news source behind the Racked articles. As my internship went on, I was given bigger and bigger articles to write. In seven weeks, I wrote eleven articles (check them all out here). The biggest challenge for me in writing articles was trying to remain consistent with the Racked voice. Racked often injects some humor and personality into their writing, while still delivering information neutrally and efficiently. It was difficult for me to find that balance in my writing there, while simultaneously trying to figure out my own voice as a fashion writer here.

In terms of expectations, I really wasn’t expecting to be given so much responsibility. It is easy not to be taken seriously when you have yet to graduate high school (three weeks!!), so it was a refreshing change of pace. Also, in my daily high school life, I am consistently surrounded by people who are younger than me, which I think also affects the situation. In an office space I am by far the youngest person there, but because I am working alongside everyone else, I feel less like a little kid being taught, and more like an adult being mentored. My last day was the new photo intern’s first day, and she was clearly older than me. When all four editors are working from the office, the interns are pushed over to the table by the bathroom which, believe me, can feel a little ostracizing. But on my last day when three of the editors were in the office, I got the fourth seat and the new girl got the bathroom table (though it’s really not as bad as it sounds). I wasn’t pushed aside because of my age and therefore assumed incompetence, but had earned my stripes after seven weeks of hard work. And that felt awesome.

This internship has confirmed for me that fashion is what I want to do, though perhaps not necessarily in journalism. Nevertheless, it has been a great experience, not just for my resumé, but for life.


Nails News

So today at the office there were some Essie polishes lying around, and my boss said I could keep them. I only recently got into nail polish, so this is very exciting for me. Meet the newest editions to my nail polish collection:

And these aren’t just new to my collection. These colors are so new, they’re not even on the Essie website. They’re from the summer 2012 collection, so I assume they’re not out yet, and my office got samples because we’re just awesome like that. And we write about that kind of stuff. From right: Cascade Cool, Fear or Desire, and All Tied Up. Obviously, I’ve already tried them all. The light pink is a cool-toned Barbie pink, the orange is so chic for spring, and the dusty rose color I’m wearing right now:

On my thumb, pointer, and pinky fingers I’m wearing All Tied Up, and on my middle and ring fingers I’m wearing something by Hard Candy. I don’t know the name of the Hard Candy polish, it doesn’t say on the bottle. I think the two colors complement each other nicely. The two-color trend is a great way for impatient girls like me to try multiple colors at once. Have you ever tried the two-color mani?

And now for some other fun stuff:

Hehe, Anna Wintour memes.

Happy Wednesday.