More on Knockoffs

As we established in this post, not all originals are superior to knockoffs. Just a thought to keep in mind.

That said, I have been seeing this bag all over the city in the past few months:

Even bloggers like Fashion Squad have one.

And my friend over at Girl Loves Color has recently joined the bandwagon.

They’re cute, right? I personally think the orange one is badass.

But something seems a teensy bit off about them to me. Maybe they’re the slightest bit too bright? I just don’t really see myself ever using it once the death of the neon trend comes.

Enter European H&M, which is superior to the U.S. H&M because they carry merchandise that the U.S. doesn’t, like this:

It captures the style of the Cambridge version, but maintains wearability and yet is still surprisingly on trend. I saw it in Bologna and I was in the market for a cute little cross-body bag that could actually close and it was calling my name. There’s a thought. What if bags could talk? I suppose all the Céline bags would stage an intervention and tell me that it makes them self-conscious when I stare at them longingly.

Back to the point, in a comparison between originals and knockoffs, there is always a price difference. The Cambridge Satchel goes for 105 euros, while the H&M version goes for just 15. But the H&M will definitely end up being more expensive once you add the price of the plane ticket. Which one do you like?