The Ultimate Princess Dress

Today’s post is another story of a prom dress I didn’t buy. (If you need to catch up: here and here). I went to Second Time Around, a vintage store near school, on the hunt for the dress. This one immediately caught my eye. I’ve always been a sucker for the princess look, but this dress made me feel like I should own castle.

The tight corset and the big skirt is exactly what I was looking for. It was made in the 90s by this guy:

So, if I’m so in love with it, why didn’t I buy it? Well, my ribcage was too big and I couldn’t get the zipper to zip all the way up. Sad, I know.

But this isn’t really about the dress. Yesterday I went to New York Vintage, a different vintage store, with no luck. I was so frustrated that the perfect dress was evading me, that I turned to Bloomingdale’s. I know¬† it’s not a crime to look for your prom dress at Bloomingdale’s, but I really wanted something vintage and one-of-a-kind. If I showed up in the same BCBG dress as five other girls, it would not be pretty. In my desperation-turned-online-shopping, I wasn’t comforted. The dresses I saw online at Bloomie’s were okay, but I didn’t think anything was particularly stunning. So I started today’s prom dress search feeling a little down about my prospects. And then I saw the princess dress. And even though I couldn’t fit into it, it gave me hope. It gave me hope that there is a perfect dress out there with my name on it, and it’s not in Bloomie’s.

And then something crazy happened: I found that dress. It’s on hold at the store, literally with my name on it, and it’s so vintage it hurts (don’t worry, that’s a good thing).


If My Parents Would Let Me Buy More Heels…

While visiting various flash sale websites today, I came across some shoes that I’m seriously wishlisting right now. I especially love the two red pairs.

Dolce Vita on ideeli:

The Jaimie shoe. $89.99 from $189

Dolce Vita, you spelled my name wrong. But I forgive you because I really want these shoes.

The Bagley shoe. $79.99 from $169.

Gold sandals? Yes, please.


The Owen shoe. $129.90 from $225

I love the red and nude combination (with that awesome silver heel) almost as much as the suede and leather combination.

Michael Antonio on Hautelook:

The Meredith shoe. $40 from $89

I love the colors on this floral bootie. Who knew purple, red, and yellow could look so cool together? I would wear these with black or neutral colors to make the shoes the focus of the outfit.

Which one is your favorite? Happy shopping!

Roman Holiday

I think I said “thanks, I got it in Rome” at least three times today. Can you blame me? It’s an awesome dress. And it’s not just an awesome dress. It’s an awesome new dress. And guess what? It’s an awesome new dress from Rome. So that increases said awesomeness. Do you follow me? It doesn’t matter, just look at the pictures. And then click “follow”. It’s that little button thing in the lower right corner.

The belt serves to cinch the waist and give some shape to the dress. I chose to pair it with my black boots rather than with nude wedges to make it a little less summery and airy. If I were headed to the beach (I wish) I would totally wear this (minus the belt) with wedges, or better yet, flip flops. But since it’s not June yet, and I don’t want to look like I’m going to the beach for my internship, the black boots make the dress more city appropriate.

Do you like my dress?

dress: somewhere in Rome, belt: BCBG, boots: somewhere in Italy