The Big One-Eight

I have a day and a half left to be seventeen. For the past two years I have spent my birthday getting a mani-pedi, going to the Barney’s Warehouse sale, and spending the evening with my friends. It’s been a good routine, but three times isn’t the charm this year. The Barney’s sale is online (there is a physical sale, but it starts the day after my birthday, which is also the day I leave for college). So I will most likely be spending at least part of the day packing, and the other part of the day trying to figure out how to register to vote. Exciting, I know.

Anyway, I hate when you ask people what they want for their birthday and they say “I don’t know”, so here’s my birthday wishlist should you feel so inclined to get me a present. 😀

Free People Blue Velvet Chambray Buttondown $118

I wear my Madewell denim shirt, like, all the time (see it in action here, here, here, and here), so I know I would get a lot of use out of this one. It would be fun to change it up with a darker wash, plus I love the bib-like top and the velvet detail.

Zara High Heel Sandal with Ankle Strap $70

I saw these shoes on Carolina of Fashion Squad and loved them (see her posts featuring the shoes here and here). I have a few pairs of black heels already, but none of them are very college party appropriate. They are all either too uncomfortable to realistically spend more than five minutes in, have more of a job interview-height heel, or are a little too fancy. These have a high enough heel to be fun, but are also much more wearable because they have minimal contact with skin, especially around the heel, which makes them much more comfortable. They would look cute with any party dress and tights for a night out, or even with jeans and a fitted sweater for a day when I want to look more put-together.

Karla Deras x Roman Luxe Python Cuff Bracelet $77

I’m not as oh-my-god-I-need-that about this as much as the other items on the list, but I do think it’s really fun and cute and a great way to add umph to an outfit. Check out Karla’s fashion blog, Karla’s Closet, and the rest of her collection for Roman Luxe here.

Influence Leopard & Mesh Skater Dress $42

This is hands down my most wanted item on the list. I’ve had my eye on this dress forever, it’s so adorable. The black mesh panels tone down the leopard print, and the full skirt makes it effortlessly cute and feminine.

Mingle iPhone Case $35

How perfect is this iPhone case? I love the blurred gold sequins and the hint of light purple (my favorite color).

Or a Sephora gift card. I would always be happy with a Sephora gift card. What do you think of my birthday wishlist?

Sorry for the silence in the last week, I’ve been super busy trying to get everything I need for college. I will try as hard as I can to keep posting regularly but, you know, I am moving in four days.


The Sexy Clog

At the Loeffler Randall sale the other day, I overheard an employee describe these shoes

as a “sexy clog”. It’s an oxymoron, I know, but as far as clogs go, they’re the sexiest ones I’ve ever seen. Originally $235, they’re now $125 at the sample sale, but today’s the last day. As into the sexy clogs as I am, I kind of have my heart set on these:

These beauties were originally $400, are on sale on the website for $277, but are $150 at the sample sale. It would be awesome if they didn’t cost an extra and unnecessary $127 since they will be mine, one way or another. My mom says that I have “too many heels” and that heels are “impractical”. Such sentences do not exist in my vocabulary, but for her sake (happy birthday mom! Love you), here are some flat shoes from Loeffler Randall that I like.

Originally $325, on sale on the website for $195, and $150 at the sample sale. Loafers are now acceptable footwear for women, and I have to admit these look pretty comfortable. Most stud-adorned shoes look trashy, but these just look fashion-forward. The color makes them even more fresh, so although the shape is the same, you’ll never get them confused with your grandfather’s shoes.

Originally $235, but $125 at the sample sale. These clogs seemed fairly popular when I was at the sale. I definitely prefer the gold ones over these ones, but they’re still cute and would get plenty of use in the coming summer months. So much classier than flip flops, right?

And because I just can’t resist, another pair of heels:

$425. I don’t remember actually seeing these at the sale, but they’re really cute.

If My Parents Would Let Me Buy More Heels…

While visiting various flash sale websites today, I came across some shoes that I’m seriously wishlisting right now. I especially love the two red pairs.

Dolce Vita on ideeli:

The Jaimie shoe. $89.99 from $189

Dolce Vita, you spelled my name wrong. But I forgive you because I really want these shoes.

The Bagley shoe. $79.99 from $169.

Gold sandals? Yes, please.


The Owen shoe. $129.90 from $225

I love the red and nude combination (with that awesome silver heel) almost as much as the suede and leather combination.

Michael Antonio on Hautelook:

The Meredith shoe. $40 from $89

I love the colors on this floral bootie. Who knew purple, red, and yellow could look so cool together? I would wear these with black or neutral colors to make the shoes the focus of the outfit.

Which one is your favorite? Happy shopping!


Rent the Runway is pretty amazing. It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like. I have never actually rented something from them before so can’t speak to that experience, but in terms of Prom dresses, it was my first stop for inspiration. Thus, Promspiration. If I had to chose a dress from RTR to wear to Prom, hands down it would be this drop-dead gorgeous Narciso Rodriguez:

I love how modern, flattering, and original the shape is, but what really makes it is the color. Who wouldn’t die for that cobalt? Purple is my favorite color, and this purple-on-the-verge-of-blue is drool-worthy. And those shoulders. Epically elegant, fresh, and chic. The structure and tight fit on top gives a nice contrast to the looser bottom. And we all know that fashion is all about contrast. The seams in the dress make for some beautiful lines. This is pretty much everything I’m looking for in a Prom dress: it’s not strapless, it photographs well, it’s not tacky, cheap, or tasteless like most dresses designed to be for Prom. I hate it when companies think that just because I’m a teenager, I have no sense of what looks good, and I’ll buy a horrible Prom dress just because the label says it’s for teenagers, not adults. Excuse me for wanting to look classy. Like this dress. This is a classy dress. Does it say it should be worn for Prom? No. Would that stop me? Absolutely not. But the price probably will. It’s $400 just to rent it, and the real deal goes for $3,500. Sigh.

Remember These?

A little while ago I posted about the selection of wedges on Piperlime, including these wedges from Coconuts:

I saw these very shoes on Hautelook today, for $42. Out of curiosity I checked the Piperlime link to see if the price was still $69, as it had been then. Don’t tell Hautelook, but these wedges are now on sale fro $39.99 on Piperlime. I’m not sure if I can convince my parents to buy me any more pairs of heels, but it’s nice to know that these are on sale.

I Love Chyou

Choo+you= chyou

Choo is honor of today’s Jimmy Choo sample sale, and you in honor of who ever is reading this, because if you’re reading this, you have good taste.

Last night I went on the Jimmy Choo website in case I somehow end up getting into the sale, and saw these:

And for some reason that I can’t remember, I was also on Zara‘s website last night, and saw these:

Ah, the sartorial intellectual property infringement that is Zara. But wait, there’s more. I also saw these:

And then I remembered seeing these:

on The Man Repeller‘s take on pastel shoes for spring.

You know what the crazy thing is? I actually prefer the Zara knockoffs to the real Stuart Weitzman‘s. They look really uncomfortable, but they’re cuter. The Jimmy Choo’s on the other hand, I prefer to Zara’s version. What do you think? Which one’s do you like better? Would you buy any of them? Are you going to the Jimmy Choo sample sale? How much do you want to bet that I will spend at least two hours in line and not actually make it in? I’m sure that’s what will happen. But, if by any chance I do get in there, I will let you know what I see.


I don’t have a dress. I know, I know, it’s coming up and I should really have a dress by now I get it. But I doubt it’s gonna happen in April with all the college decisions (don’t even get me started) so I’ll have to leave my freaking out for May when I’ll get the dress, shoes, jewelry, and plan the hair and makeup so that come that first week of June, I can enjoy that little thing called being done with high school. And trust me, when I get the dress, you’ll be the first to know. I may not show you the dress since half my readers will be at my prom and the jaw-dropping effect that I’m going for might be ruined if the dress isn’t a surprise. But mark my words, by Saturday June 9th, you will have pictures galore.

In the meantime, I’ll treat you to pictures of the dresses I didn’t buy. This one was at a vintage store in Milan:

This one is CĂ©line and it’s perfect and beautiful and I would actually have dreams about this dress. It’s not a prom dress, but I’m sure I could find an excuse to wear it. Like, every day. But, being CĂ©line, it was on sale for 1,000 euros, so…:

Any suggestions for where I should look for a prom dress?

London to Paris

I got up really early on Tuesday morning to catch my 9:30 a.m. flight from London to Paris. I had some time to spare once I got to the gate, and there was a Dior and a Prada store next to it, so naturally I went window shopping. I fell in love with this Prada bag, adding another to my wish list. Because every good fashionista knows, you can never have too many handbags.

Isn’t it perfect for spring? Timeless and elegant…

McQueen Dream

Monday was my third and last day in London. I had a pretty lazy morning, mostly just worked on the London outfit posts (see here and here). We went into an Alexander McQueen store where I drooled over some clothes, bags, shoes, and some more clothes. I tried on the coral shell peep-toe pumps, which fit me perfectly and I kind of love them.

$1,085 but hey, a girl can dream right?

I walked into a store that had some pretty awesome walls, and thought that this would be an appropriate place to display said wall.

It was a fun day.