Takes Two to Tango

In case you haven’t been following, I’m interning for Racked. They got a ton of samples last week and my boss told me to take whatever I want, so I went home with a bag full of Sephora swag. They had the Sephora + Pantone Universe collab, which I was actually really interested in and wanted to try out. In case you’re a little late to the party, Tangerine Tango has been the named color of the year by the experts over at Pantone, ’cause apparently picking a color once a year is a legit job. If you were one of those kindergarteners who considered it social suicide to confuse the yellow green crayola with the green yellow crayola, you have a bright future ahead of you. And since it takes two to tango, Pantone chose beauty powerhouse Sephora for a dance partner. Good choice.

I don’t understand how anyone is supposed to wear tangerine eyeliner, but other than that the collection is pretty awesome. My favorite piece by far is the lipstick.

I am not a lip product person. I was obsessed with Lip Smackers lip gloss as a fifth grader, but that’s about it. I’m not exactly low maintenance when it comes to makeup, but lip stuff just never really did it for me. But I can never turn down free makeup, so when I got home with all my goodies, I swiped on the stuff. And oh my god, I love it.

In a department store in Paris over spring break, my mom asked me to pick out a lipstick shade for her. I chose a bright pink that looked gorgeous on her. I never really got it when people said that lipstick can brighten up your whole face until I saw it on her. That’s what happened to me in my bathroom last week. I fell in love. I never thought I would sport orange lipstick on a near-daily basis, but it’s awesomeness took me by surprise. I think it works because the bright color contrasts my dark hair. I’ve been thinking about going lighter for a while now, but I might keep it dark just to be able to wear this all summer long. It does fade fast though, especially when eating, so sooner or later I’ll have to venture into the uncharted territories of lip liner, a product that just a few weeks ago I had rendered pointless. Any suggestions? Do you go bright and bold, or keep it natural? Next outfit post, I’ll model my new love.


Nails News

So today at the office there were some Essie polishes lying around, and my boss said I could keep them. I only recently got into nail polish, so this is very exciting for me. Meet the newest editions to my nail polish collection:

And these aren’t just new to my collection. These colors are so new, they’re not even on the Essie website. They’re from the summer 2012 collection, so I assume they’re not out yet, and my office got samples because we’re just awesome like that. And we write about that kind of stuff. From right: Cascade Cool, Fear or Desire, and All Tied Up. Obviously, I’ve already tried them all. The light pink is a cool-toned Barbie pink, the orange is so chic for spring, and the dusty rose color I’m wearing right now:

On my thumb, pointer, and pinky fingers I’m wearing All Tied Up, and on my middle and ring fingers I’m wearing something by Hard Candy. I don’t know the name of the Hard Candy polish, it doesn’t say on the bottle. I think the two colors complement each other nicely. The two-color trend is a great way for impatient girls like me to try multiple colors at once. Have you ever tried the two-color mani?

And now for some other fun stuff:

Hehe, Anna Wintour memes.

Happy Wednesday.

More on Knockoffs

As we established in this post, not all originals are superior to knockoffs. Just a thought to keep in mind.

That said, I have been seeing this bag all over the city in the past few months:

Even bloggers like Fashion Squad have one.

And my friend over at Girl Loves Color has recently joined the bandwagon.

They’re cute, right? I personally think the orange one is badass.

But something seems a teensy bit off about them to me. Maybe they’re the slightest bit too bright? I just don’t really see myself ever using it once the death of the neon trend comes.

Enter European H&M, which is superior to the U.S. H&M because they carry merchandise that the U.S. doesn’t, like this:

It captures the style of the Cambridge version, but maintains wearability and yet is still surprisingly on trend. I saw it in Bologna and I was in the market for a cute little cross-body bag that could actually close and it was calling my name. There’s a thought. What if bags could talk? I suppose all the Céline bags would stage an intervention and tell me that it makes them self-conscious when I stare at them longingly.

Back to the point, in a comparison between originals and knockoffs, there is always a price difference. The Cambridge Satchel goes for 105 euros, while the H&M version goes for just 15. But the H&M will definitely end up being more expensive once you add the price of the plane ticket. Which one do you like?

I Love Chyou

Choo+you= chyou

Choo is honor of today’s Jimmy Choo sample sale, and you in honor of who ever is reading this, because if you’re reading this, you have good taste.

Last night I went on the Jimmy Choo website in case I somehow end up getting into the sale, and saw these:

And for some reason that I can’t remember, I was also on Zara‘s website last night, and saw these:

Ah, the sartorial intellectual property infringement that is Zara. But wait, there’s more. I also saw these:

And then I remembered seeing these:

on The Man Repeller‘s take on pastel shoes for spring.

You know what the crazy thing is? I actually prefer the Zara knockoffs to the real Stuart Weitzman‘s. They look really uncomfortable, but they’re cuter. The Jimmy Choo’s on the other hand, I prefer to Zara’s version. What do you think? Which one’s do you like better? Would you buy any of them? Are you going to the Jimmy Choo sample sale? How much do you want to bet that I will spend at least two hours in line and not actually make it in? I’m sure that’s what will happen. But, if by any chance I do get in there, I will let you know what I see.

Italia <3’s McQueen

Real version

Knockoff at a street market in Florence

Either that or the vast majority of  people don’t know who Alexander McQueen or Sarah Burton are and couldn’t care less about what goes down the runway and buy at Urban Outfitters whatever they think is cute, which may or may not happen to be a skull scarf. But I choose to believe the former. Because guess what? Urban Outfitters got the idea from Alexander McQueen.

Actually, I have no idea if Urban carries skull scarves, they just seem like the type of place that would. My point is, in Italy I saw a lot of skull scarves. At a cafe in Rome, I saw a woman wearing one (I think it was the McQueen one, but I don’t remember) folded up and worn like a forehead headband. I have no idea how she managed to not look like pirate, but trust me, it was very chic. I didn’t take a picture because I didn’t particularly feel like being a creeper, but I was creeper enough to stare at her awesome pirate-chic-minus-the-pirate forehead accessory.
The rest of the people that I saw rocking the trend wore their scarves un-creatively except for one woman who tied the McQueen around the handle of her Balenciaga bag. That was hot too.

So, will you try the trend?

Speaking of Neon…

On my first day of shopping in Europe, I have already noticed the neon trend manifesting itself in London’s stores.

First, I saw these amazing shoes at Matches, on Ledbury street.

Then in a store window

And in the window of Nanette Lepore

I’ll keep you updated on my trend spotting if I see something interesting. Now I have to go to sleep to try and get on London time. See you tomorrow.

Pattern Mixing with a Pop of Pastel

Pattern mixing? Go for it. The only rule: keep your patterns within the same color family, or at least have a common color with all the lovely patterns you decide to layer on.

The skirt and the button down go together because they both have blue and white. And since I wasn’t cold while taking these pictures, it’s officially spring. That means every outfit deserves a pop of color, preferably a pastel one. I’m so trendy.

Hey guys, way to crash my photo shoot. I clearly take myself very seriously.

sweater: vintage Dalton Cashmere, button down: Rag & Bone, skirt: LF, boots: somewhere in Italy, necklace: Free People, green bracelet: J. Crew, black bracelet: vintage, watch: vintage

So, three trends in one outfit: pattern mixing, color-popping, and pastels. Beat that, I dare you.

DIY Peplum

For the past three years or so, I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a skirt that’s anything other than high-waisted. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but when a trend is huge and I love it, I go all out. Peplum is going to be huge.

Peplum: A short flared, gathered, or pleated strip of fabric attached at the waist of a woman’s jacket, dress, or blouse.

The trend is blowing up, like, now, and as you all know, I haven’t gone shopping in forever. This do-it-yourself version includes two skirts, a simple, black, body-con skirt underneath, and something else that starts at the waist, flares out, and is shorter that the base skirt. The double-skirt-peplum thing was something I tried with my sequin skirt, with relative success.

Fashion victory!

patterned top: Vena Cava, vest-ish top thing: Rag & Bone, black skirt: Topshop, pink skirt: Roxy, boots: somewhere in Italy

I have always had a hard time finding a way to wear this skirt, but today I found that the peplum style works with it perfectly. Like my outfit? Comment below!

Happy Friday everyone, I hope you all have a good weekend.

The Great Debate: Neon Edition

In case you’ve been living under a rock (and props to you for getting internet connection under said rock), neon has been trying really hard to be a trend this season. The trouble is, neon is very difficult to get right. I myself do not own anything neon. I take that back I have neon post-its. I should totally figure out how to make a neon post-it bracelet. Chic, no? Kidding, unless paper is in. I don’t think I saw that at fashion week. I did, however, see neon bags.

So, I saw the latest cover of Seventeen and thought I’d write a post about how much I hate neon.

Then I saw Jenna Lyons, President and Executive Creative Director of J. Crew, and her Proenza Schouler and I though I’d write a post about how much I love neon.

Alas, The Great Debate. My previous post about trends, sneaker wedge edition was not a Great Debate because there’s no question. I love the sneaker wedge and I’m proud to say it. The neon trend, however, I am not fully on board with. There is a thin line between chicness and tackiness when it comes to neon.

So, Lily Collins’ Seventeen cover. I don’t know if she’s wearing even more neon in her spread because I didn’t feel the need to actually open the magazine. I’ll do some follow-up if I have the stomach for it. Back to the thin line between chicness and tackiness. Neon bag? I approve. Neon everything? Not cute. The magazine looks even trashier in person. It literally made me want to barf. Also, I disapprove of the collar-necklace-and-bib-necklace’s-love-child thing. But to the point, Seventeen‘s attempt at neon was a fail. Jenna Lyons, however, is a different story entirely. Not just because I love J. Crew and Proenza’s bags are perfection, but because the whole outfit is perfection. Neon is intense, and neon on neon isn’t the way to go. The way to pull off neon is to let it be the statement piece of the outfit. When the neon is competing for attention with everything else you’re wearing, that’s when it goes wrong.

Here are some awesome bloggers pulling off (or not) the trend:

The Blonde Salad offsets her bright dress with some classy black accessories. That gorgeous girl is the definition of class.

In theory, the pop of neon is cute. In practice, it’s ruined by everything else she’s wearing. I don’t like to hate on people’s personal style, but I’m not a fan of this look. Eat. sleep. wear. is usually fashion savvy, but the green tights take away from the neon and aren’t flattering.

The Man Repeller, a fashion goddess, pulls off a neon denim jacket by dressing it up with a feminine skirt, some Chanel booties, and her own Proenza bag.

Forget everything I just said. Jason Wu has convinced me. I adore neon.