It’s Not Fall Until It’s Fashion Week

And thank god it’s Fashion Week. As you probably know, Fashion’s Night Out is tonight, which kicks off New York Fashion Week, which kicks off all the Spring 2013 shows. But as much as I wish I was in SoHo right now, unfortunately I’m still on campus. Not that college isn’t awesome, it’s just that Connecticut will never be able to measure up to Fashion Week. I tried to get myself home in time for tonight. For the love of fashion blogging, I tried, but it didn’t work out with the train schedule and like a true city girl, I can’t drive. So I’m forced to observe this FNO and NYFW from behind my computer screen instead of behind my new camera.

But enough complaining about not being in New York City. There is a greater implication of NYFW that effects even the students at Connecticut College. It’s fall. Finally! I never thought I would follow “it’s fall” with “finally!”, but that’s the interesting thing about fashion. Summer has always been my favorite season. You know, sun, beach, no homework. Normally I would never want to rush summer to a close, but as my love for fashion has grown, so has my appreciation for fall and spring. Why? Because they are the most fashion-friendly seasons. Obviously wearing the same winter coat with jeans and boots every day is not the most fashion-forward outfit I can think of. Summer gives you much more room to breathe fashion-wise, but the heat does put a major damper on exercising your layering skills. My point is that my three pairs of denim shorts got old at least a month ago and I really missed my blazers. Apart from the fact that the beginning of the school year this time around didn’t seem like total doom and gloom since college is much more fun than high school, and not only is FNO and NYFW a fashion blogger’s best friend, but this year I’m excited for fall because unlike it’s predecessor, the sartorial opportunities are endless. Welcome to Fashion Week.

Side note: I would love to get outfit posts back up and running, but I have yet to find a photographer here, so… I’m working on that.

Side note #2: I survived my first full week of college classes! Wooo!


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