Senior Project Presentation Night

I apologize for the two week silence, I’ve been really busy with end-of-year stuff, you know, writing papers and rehearsing presentations. Speaking of presentations, tonight was senior project presentation night. Overall I think it went really well. I enjoyed seeing my classmates’ presentations even though I didn’t get to see nearly as many as I wish I could. My presentation was on fashion blogging and trends for Spring/Summer 2012. That presentation was my last graduation requirement, and this post is my last school assignment post. Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere, I’ll just be talking about my high school a lot less. The entire third trimester internship and blog combo had worked really well for me, it was fun, I learned a lot, and it gave me a chance to enter the fashion world.

I can’t promise regular posts in the next week since I still have work to finish up, but on Saturday you’ll all see my Prom pictures (!), and I’ll probably do a post on what I’m wearing to senior banquet and graduation as well. The blog will get a lot more attention once I’m done with school. Can’t wait to get back to you all.


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