Man Repelling, Sort Of

I went to this sale for my internship and saw the vest pictured in the article and tried it on. It was military style and over-sized, and I liked it. I wasn’t sure though, so I left empty-handed. I’ve been into vests lately (like here) and military trend pieces are great to contrast with girly, floral stuff (of which I own a lot), so I went back for it. Oh, and it was $21. It’s, um, pretty man repelling in the literal sense, but perhaps the floral mini skirt cancels that out.

I can do the Angelina leg, too

vest: Whillas & Gunn, blouse: Italian H&M, skirt, Madewell, shoes: Chocolat Blu, socks: Hue, watch: vintage Timex, ring: gift shop in the Denver Art Museum


One thought on “Man Repelling, Sort Of

  1. I have been wearing a military-style jacket all spring with my more feminine pieces–and now you are confirming that this is a good idea! I would love to find a new jacket to add to my wardrobe–let me know of any upcoming sample sales that might have them!

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