Neon Shoes. You’re Welcome.

So remember when I said I don’t own anything neon? Not anymore. In an awesome shoe store in Rome, I found these babies.

They actually weren’t what I was initially drawn to in the store and wasn’t interested in trying them on, but thank god for pushy sales people. Once the shoe was forced on my foot, I fell in love. When I wore the outfit below the other day, I got countless complements on my shoes and skirt.

What do you think of my new shoes and new skirt? The ring and bracelet are new too.

shirt: Madewell, skirt: AllSaints, belt: ribbon, shoes: somewhere in Rome, bracelet: Henri Bendel (similar version here), ring: gift shop in the Denver Art Museum


5 thoughts on “Neon Shoes. You’re Welcome.

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  2. These are beautiful. I agree, I would not have walked in a store to try them on, but they look amazing on–both modern and feminine at the same time.

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