Takes Two to Tango

In case you haven’t been following, I’m interning for Racked. They got a ton of samples last week and my boss told me to take whatever I want, so I went home with a bag full of Sephora swag. They had the Sephora + Pantone Universe collab, which I was actually really interested in and wanted to try out. In case you’re a little late to the party, Tangerine Tango has been the named color of the year by the experts over at Pantone, ’cause apparently picking a color once a year is a legit job. If you were one of those kindergarteners who considered it social suicide to confuse the yellow green crayola with the green yellow crayola, you have a bright future ahead of you. And since it takes two to tango, Pantone chose beauty powerhouse Sephora for a dance partner. Good choice.

I don’t understand how anyone is supposed to wear tangerine eyeliner, but other than that the collection is pretty awesome. My favorite piece by far is the lipstick.

I am not a lip product person. I was obsessed with Lip Smackers lip gloss as a fifth grader, but that’s about it. I’m not exactly low maintenance when it comes to makeup, but lip stuff just never really did it for me. But I can never turn down free makeup, so when I got home with all my goodies, I swiped on the stuff. And oh my god, I love it.

In a department store in Paris over spring break, my mom asked me to pick out a lipstick shade for her. I chose a bright pink that looked gorgeous on her. I never really got it when people said that lipstick can brighten up your whole face until I saw it on her. That’s what happened to me in my bathroom last week. I fell in love. I never thought I would sport orange lipstick on a near-daily basis, but it’s awesomeness took me by surprise. I think it works because the bright color contrasts my dark hair. I’ve been thinking about going lighter for a while now, but I might keep it dark just to be able to wear this all summer long. It does fade fast though, especially when eating, so sooner or later I’ll have to venture into the uncharted territories of lip liner, a product that just a few weeks ago I had rendered pointless. Any suggestions? Do you go bright and bold, or keep it natural? Next outfit post, I’ll model my new love.


2 thoughts on “Takes Two to Tango

  1. Of course, now I’m going to try the tangerine–how can I resist with such a convincing post? I always wear neutral lip color–I always felt that bright color on my lips kind of overwhelmed my face, but maybe I’m wrong! As far as lip liner–I know it looks great, but it’s way too much maintenance for me :)!

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