The Ultimate Princess Dress

Today’s post is another story of a prom dress I didn’t buy. (If you need to catch up: here and here). I went to Second Time Around, a vintage store near school, on the hunt for the dress. This one immediately caught my eye. I’ve always been a sucker for the princess look, but this dress made me feel like I should own castle.

The tight corset and the big skirt is exactly what I was looking for. It was made in the 90s by this guy:

So, if I’m so in love with it, why didn’t I buy it? Well, my ribcage was too big and I couldn’t get the zipper to zip all the way up. Sad, I know.

But this isn’t really about the dress. Yesterday I went to New York Vintage, a different vintage store, with no luck. I was so frustrated that the perfect dress was evading me, that I turned to Bloomingdale’s. I know¬† it’s not a crime to look for your prom dress at Bloomingdale’s, but I really wanted something vintage and one-of-a-kind. If I showed up in the same BCBG dress as five other girls, it would not be pretty. In my desperation-turned-online-shopping, I wasn’t comforted. The dresses I saw online at Bloomie’s were okay, but I didn’t think anything was particularly stunning. So I started today’s prom dress search feeling a little down about my prospects. And then I saw the princess dress. And even though I couldn’t fit into it, it gave me hope. It gave me hope that there is a perfect dress out there with my name on it, and it’s not in Bloomie’s.

And then something crazy happened: I found that dress. It’s on hold at the store, literally with my name on it, and it’s so vintage it hurts (don’t worry, that’s a good thing).


Final Reflection

Sorry to interrupt the usual programming, but this is not yet my independent fashion blog. It’s still a school assignment that requires school-related work. I’ll be back with more fashion stuff soon.

So now that my internship is over, I have a chance to reflect on my experience. I learned a lot about how the journalism field of fashion works, the pace of both industries, and how to cater to a specific target audience. I loved learning about designers I didn’t know of before, like Loeffler Randall (see almost every post I did last week) and being sent out to cover sales. My favorite part of the internship was writing articles. It felt so grown up to know that someone trusted me with the responsibility to be the actual news source behind the Racked articles. As my internship went on, I was given bigger and bigger articles to write. In seven weeks, I wrote eleven articles (check them all out here). The biggest challenge for me in writing articles was trying to remain consistent with the Racked voice. Racked often injects some humor and personality into their writing, while still delivering information neutrally and efficiently. It was difficult for me to find that balance in my writing there, while simultaneously trying to figure out my own voice as a fashion writer here.

In terms of expectations, I really wasn’t expecting to be given so much responsibility. It is easy not to be taken seriously when you have yet to graduate high school (three weeks!!), so it was a refreshing change of pace. Also, in my daily high school life, I am consistently surrounded by people who are younger than me, which I think also affects the situation. In an office space I am by far the youngest person there, but because I am working alongside everyone else, I feel less like a little kid being taught, and more like an adult being mentored. My last day was the new photo intern’s first day, and she was clearly older than me. When all four editors are working from the office, the interns are pushed over to the table by the bathroom which, believe me, can feel a little ostracizing. But on my last day when three of the editors were in the office, I got the fourth seat and the new girl got the bathroom table (though it’s really not as bad as it sounds). I wasn’t pushed aside because of my age and therefore assumed incompetence, but had earned my stripes after seven weeks of hard work. And that felt awesome.

This internship has confirmed for me that fashion is what I want to do, though perhaps not necessarily in journalism. Nevertheless, it has been a great experience, not just for my resumé, but for life.

Save It For A Rainy Day

I bought this romper at this sale two weekends ago and I can’t wait until it’s warmer out so I can wear it more often, I love the button details on the side. Rain and fashion don’t like each other much. I want to give a big thank you to my wonderful photographer Susan, who dealt with rain and technical difficulties to shoot these photos for me.

Romper: vintage, shoes: somewhere in Rome, belt: Urban Outfitters (don’t judge me, it was 9th grade), watch: vintage Timex, ring: gift shop in the Denver Art Museum

Meet the Newest Member of the Family

When I buy something new, you can always tell how much I like it by how soon after the purchase I wear it. Yesterday, I dropped by the Loeffler Randall sample sale again, hoping to score the “sexy clogs” or the loafers. The loafers were long sold-out and there weren’t any clogs in my size. That’s the bad part of going to a sale on the last day. The good part? 20% off. At the sale preview, they said there wouldn’t be any markdowns, but I knew they were lying. There are always markdowns. So, my beloved Darcy Platform Pumps

were $120. Considering the fact that they were originally for $400, I’d say that’s a ridiculously good deal. And since the first sentence of this post is not irrelevant, I wore them this morning when I went out to get breakfast. Getting coffees at my local Joe’s did not, by any means, require platforms, but what can I say? I love them. And I only walked half a block before I got a compliment on them. Now that’s some good shopping.


I was planning on writing a little reader appreciation post when I hit 3,000 views. When I left the house last night it was in the 2,900s so I figured it would happen at some point later today. Well, this morning I woke up to 3,075. It is now 3,087. But this isn’t about numbers, it’s about you. I started this blog exactly four months ago today, and I never dreamed that I would be where I am now in such a short time. I have all of you to thank for that. I really mean it, thank you. It makes me so happy when my next-door-neighbor messages me on Facebook to say that my blog is what modern fashion wants to be, or when a girl I used to go to school with who I haven’t seen in three years writes on my wall to say she likes my bog, or when a classmate tells me that her friend who I don’t know is reading it. It’s amazing to have a space to express everything I have to say about something I’m so passionate about, and I’m really happy that it has been received so positively. I have no idea how many of you are out there or who all of you are, but I appreciate each and every one of my readers. Thank you for helping me get to 3,087 views. I appreciate it more than I can say.

Oh, by the way I started a Pinterest. My username is lookslikejamie.

Have a wonderful day!

The Sexy Clog

At the Loeffler Randall sale the other day, I overheard an employee describe these shoes

as a “sexy clog”. It’s an oxymoron, I know, but as far as clogs go, they’re the sexiest ones I’ve ever seen. Originally $235, they’re now $125 at the sample sale, but today’s the last day. As into the sexy clogs as I am, I kind of have my heart set on these:

These beauties were originally $400, are on sale on the website for $277, but are $150 at the sample sale. It would be awesome if they didn’t cost an extra and unnecessary $127 since they will be mine, one way or another. My mom says that I have “too many heels” and that heels are “impractical”. Such sentences do not exist in my vocabulary, but for her sake (happy birthday mom! Love you), here are some flat shoes from Loeffler Randall that I like.

Originally $325, on sale on the website for $195, and $150 at the sample sale. Loafers are now acceptable footwear for women, and I have to admit these look pretty comfortable. Most stud-adorned shoes look trashy, but these just look fashion-forward. The color makes them even more fresh, so although the shape is the same, you’ll never get them confused with your grandfather’s shoes.

Originally $235, but $125 at the sample sale. These clogs seemed fairly popular when I was at the sale. I definitely prefer the gold ones over these ones, but they’re still cute and would get plenty of use in the coming summer months. So much classier than flip flops, right?

And because I just can’t resist, another pair of heels:

$425. I don’t remember actually seeing these at the sale, but they’re really cute.

Man Repelling, Sort Of

I went to this sale for my internship and saw the vest pictured in the article and tried it on. It was military style and over-sized, and I liked it. I wasn’t sure though, so I left empty-handed. I’ve been into vests lately (like here) and military trend pieces are great to contrast with girly, floral stuff (of which I own a lot), so I went back for it. Oh, and it was $21. It’s, um, pretty man repelling in the literal sense, but perhaps the floral mini skirt cancels that out.

I can do the Angelina leg, too

vest: Whillas & Gunn, blouse: Italian H&M, skirt, Madewell, shoes: Chocolat Blu, socks: Hue, watch: vintage Timex, ring: gift shop in the Denver Art Museum

If My Parents Would Let Me Buy More Heels…

While visiting various flash sale websites today, I came across some shoes that I’m seriously wishlisting right now. I especially love the two red pairs.

Dolce Vita on ideeli:

The Jaimie shoe. $89.99 from $189

Dolce Vita, you spelled my name wrong. But I forgive you because I really want these shoes.

The Bagley shoe. $79.99 from $169.

Gold sandals? Yes, please.


The Owen shoe. $129.90 from $225

I love the red and nude combination (with that awesome silver heel) almost as much as the suede and leather combination.

Michael Antonio on Hautelook:

The Meredith shoe. $40 from $89

I love the colors on this floral bootie. Who knew purple, red, and yellow could look so cool together? I would wear these with black or neutral colors to make the shoes the focus of the outfit.

Which one is your favorite? Happy shopping!

Take Me Out to the Met Ball

I know I’m a little late to the Met Ball party, but there are just so many dresses and people to look through that it took me a few days to decide who my favorites were. The Met Ball is kind of a big deal. Unlike the Oscars or other award ceremonies, the Met Ball isn’t about actors, singers, and the general celebrity culture. The Met Ball is a celebration of fashion. So naturally, people tend to take it up a notch (or ten) on the this-isn’t-clothing-it’s-art scale and the result is amazing. In no particular order, here are my top 10 favorite looks of the evening:

Camilla Belle looking lovely in Ralph Lauren

Diane Kruger in a strangely awesome Prada

Chanel Iman in a jaw-dropping Tom Ford

Ginnifer Goodwin’s Givenchy gets the orange trend spot-on

Emily Blunt’s simple Calvin Klein is stunning

Kate Bosworth’s hairy Prada number is so modern-chic

I kind of can’t stand Rachel Berry, but Lea Michele looks pretty amazing in this Diane von Furstenberg

Also in the stunning category, Gisele Bundchen in Givenchy

Possibly my favorite dress of the evening, January Jones’ Versace. I could just stare at it for days. Actually, I kind of have.

The front of this dress is a little boring, but Candice Swanepoel’s dress is mesmerizing from the back. And it’s Rag & Bone!

Do you think there’s anyone else who should be on this list? Which dress was your favorite?

Neon Shoes. You’re Welcome.

So remember when I said I don’t own anything neon? Not anymore. In an awesome shoe store in Rome, I found these babies.

They actually weren’t what I was initially drawn to in the store and wasn’t interested in trying them on, but thank god for pushy sales people. Once the shoe was forced on my foot, I fell in love. When I wore the outfit below the other day, I got countless complements on my shoes and skirt.

What do you think of my new shoes and new skirt? The ring and bracelet are new too.

shirt: Madewell, skirt: AllSaints, belt: ribbon, shoes: somewhere in Rome, bracelet: Henri Bendel (similar version here), ring: gift shop in the Denver Art Museum