Sparkle City

I still don’t have a prom dress, and I still won’t show it to you when I get it, but I said nothing about the shoes. Behold: The Prom Shoes.

Is your mind blown? If not, you have no taste in shoes. Sorry.

Guess what? They’re Jimmy Choos. And more importantly? They’re mine. You have no idea how happy it makes me just to look at them. You should look at them too.

A wise girl in one of the FIT class I took once told me that it’s not about the dress. It’s about the shoes. And right she was. Don’t get me wrong, I still plan on having the most incredible dress there, but honestly, it doesn’t matter what you wear when your feet are blessed with some sparkly Jimmy Choo.

So, remember when I said I wouldn’t get into the sale? Well I got into the sale. It was miraculous, really. I was in line for all of five minutes before I got in. I met this awesome woman in line who knew someone who worked in the sale and could get us in, jumping the hour-long line. She’s a jewelery designer, check out her website here. I owe her my life. Perhaps not my life, but at least my Prom Shoes.

These are my first pair of designer shoes, which is, like, a really big deal. What is a fashionista without designer shoes? When I have my own apartment in a chic neighborhood and my closet takes up half my bedroom, these shoes will have a special place on my shelves. And when Bluefly Closet Confessions interviews me, I’ll tell them about my first pair of designer shoes (1:44).

So, I know your all wondering: just how much of my soul did I sell for these babies? Surprisingly little.

The sparkle-less (read: inferior) version sold for a whopping $950. Guess how much I paid for mine? $75. The gods of sample sales really do love me. And I love them.


4 thoughts on “Sparkle City

  1. I am impressed!!! I can’t imagine spending $950 on a pair of shoes but $75 for a pair of Jimmy Choos blows my mind! Congratulations!!

  2. This was your best post yet! I actually cheered when I read that you got the shoes–a “win” for sample sale-shopping girls everywhere! These are beautiful–the perfect “first” shoe, I agree. The lead up to this dress is killing me–my anticipation for the new season of Mad Men wasn’t this high :).

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