Nails News

So today at the office there were some Essie polishes lying around, and my boss said I could keep them. I only recently got into nail polish, so this is very exciting for me. Meet the newest editions to my nail polish collection:

And these aren’t just new to my collection. These colors are so new, they’re not even on the Essie website. They’re from the summer 2012 collection, so I assume they’re not out yet, and my office got samples because we’re just awesome like that. And we write about that kind of stuff. From right: Cascade Cool, Fear or Desire, and All Tied Up. Obviously, I’ve already tried them all. The light pink is a cool-toned Barbie pink, the orange is so chic for spring, and the dusty rose color I’m wearing right now:

On my thumb, pointer, and pinky fingers I’m wearing All Tied Up, and on my middle and ring fingers I’m wearing something by Hard Candy. I don’t know the name of the Hard Candy polish, it doesn’t say on the bottle. I think the two colors complement each other nicely. The two-color trend is a great way for impatient girls like me to try multiple colors at once. Have you ever tried the two-color mani?

And now for some other fun stuff:

Hehe, Anna Wintour memes.

Happy Wednesday.


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