Roman Holiday

I think I said “thanks, I got it in Rome” at least three times today. Can you blame me? It’s an awesome dress. And it’s not just an awesome dress. It’s an awesome new dress. And guess what? It’s an awesome new dress from Rome. So that increases said awesomeness. Do you follow me? It doesn’t matter, just look at the pictures. And then click “follow”. It’s that little button thing in the lower right corner.

The belt serves to cinch the waist and give some shape to the dress. I chose to pair it with my black boots rather than with nude wedges to make it a little less summery and airy. If I were headed to the beach (I wish) I would totally wear this (minus the belt) with wedges, or better yet, flip flops. But since it’s not June yet, and I don’t want to look like I’m going to the beach for my internship, the black boots make the dress more city appropriate.

Do you like my dress?

dress: somewhere in Rome, belt: BCBG, boots: somewhere in Italy


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