I don’t have a dress. I know, I know, it’s coming up and I should really have a dress by now I get it. But I doubt it’s gonna happen in April with all the college decisions (don’t even get me started) so I’ll have to leave my freaking out for May when I’ll get the dress, shoes, jewelry, and plan the hair and makeup so that come that first week of June, I can enjoy that little thing called being done with high school. And trust me, when I get the dress, you’ll be the first to know. I may not show you the dress since half my readers will be at my prom and the jaw-dropping effect that I’m going for might be ruined if the dress isn’t a surprise. But mark my words, by Saturday June 9th, you will have pictures galore.

In the meantime, I’ll treat you to pictures of the dresses I didn’t buy. This one was at a vintage store in Milan:

This one is Céline and it’s perfect and beautiful and I would actually have dreams about this dress. It’s not a prom dress, but I’m sure I could find an excuse to wear it. Like, every day. But, being Céline, it was on sale for 1,000 euros, so…:

Any suggestions for where I should look for a prom dress?


5 thoughts on “PROM

  1. Do prom dresses still go in trend waves? Am I showing my age? It used to be that they all looked the same, and everyone looked like a bad spread in the April issue of 17.

    • Thats only in the suburbs, this being a New York City Fashion Guru’s prom dress it will be unique and tasteful. Also Jamie you might want to look at Etsy for some promspiration?

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