Italia <3’s McQueen

Real version

Knockoff at a street market in Florence

Either that or the vast majority of  people don’t know who Alexander McQueen or Sarah Burton are and couldn’t care less about what goes down the runway and buy at Urban Outfitters whatever they think is cute, which may or may not happen to be a skull scarf. But I choose to believe the former. Because guess what? Urban Outfitters got the idea from Alexander McQueen.

Actually, I have no idea if Urban carries skull scarves, they just seem like the type of place that would. My point is, in Italy I saw a lot of skull scarves. At a cafe in Rome, I saw a woman wearing one (I think it was the McQueen one, but I don’t remember) folded up and worn like a forehead headband. I have no idea how she managed to not look like pirate, but trust me, it was very chic. I didn’t take a picture because I didn’t particularly feel like being a creeper, but I was creeper enough to stare at her awesome pirate-chic-minus-the-pirate forehead accessory.
The rest of the people that I saw rocking the trend wore their scarves un-creatively except for one woman who tied the McQueen around the handle of her Balenciaga bag. That was hot too.

So, will you try the trend?


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