Floral and Leather, With a Side of Color

Oh, hello embarrassingly pale legs. Nice to see you again.

I wore this today, my first day in Rome. The sweater is the one I bought in London, in a small store on Portobello Road. I love the pop of color on the neckline, sleeves, and bottom of the sweater (tucked into the skirt). The sneakers were great for walking around the city, and I love how the blue socks match the shoes and the skirt.

I could have worn the other jacket that I brought on this trip, but I opted for the leather because I decided that this outfit seriously needed some toughening up. Between the flower child headband, floral skirt, and beige sweater, I needed to inject a little rocker chick just to even things out a bit.

I guess I’m a flamingo?

sweater: somewhere in London, jacket: H&M, skirt: LF, shoes: Keds

Do you like my new sweater? Do you like how I styled it?


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