Black and Blue (and White and Purple)

No one can pull off a forehead headband quite like Taylor Swift. You can hate on her music all you want, but don’t hate on her style.

After trying out the look for myself on Valentine’s day, I fell in love. I literally got out all my elastic headbands and all my flower clips and figured out which combinations I liked. What I wore yesterday was probably my favorite, the brown headband with the purple flower.

White and blue is cute. Black and white is classic. Blue and black is chic. And purple just makes me happy šŸ™‚

top: Juicy Couture, skirt: Uniqlo, tights: Uniqlo, wedges: Target, necklace: Free People, headband: any drugstore


One thought on “Black and Blue (and White and Purple)

  1. “headband: any drugstore” That was pretty funny haha. I like the interesting poses used to show off the clothes. I’m not into fashion very much, but is there a reason for that?

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