The Great Debate: Neon Edition

In case you’ve been living under a rock (and props to you for getting internet connection under said rock), neon has been trying really hard to be a trend this season. The trouble is, neon is very difficult to get right. I myself do not own anything neon. I take that back I have neon post-its. I should totally figure out how to make a neon post-it bracelet. Chic, no? Kidding, unless paper is in. I don’t think I saw that at fashion week. I did, however, see neon bags.

So, I saw the latest cover of Seventeen and thought I’d write a post about how much I hate neon.

Then I saw Jenna Lyons, President and Executive Creative Director of J. Crew, and her Proenza Schouler and I though I’d write a post about how much I love neon.

Alas, The Great Debate. My previous post about trends, sneaker wedge edition was not a Great Debate because there’s no question. I love the sneaker wedge and I’m proud to say it. The neon trend, however, I am not fully on board with. There is a thin line between chicness and tackiness when it comes to neon.

So, Lily Collins’ Seventeen cover. I don’t know if she’s wearing even more neon in her spread because I didn’t feel the need to actually open the magazine. I’ll do some follow-up if I have the stomach for it. Back to the thin line between chicness and tackiness. Neon bag? I approve. Neon everything? Not cute. The magazine looks even trashier in person. It literally made me want to barf. Also, I disapprove of the collar-necklace-and-bib-necklace’s-love-child thing. But to the point, Seventeen‘s attempt at neon was a fail. Jenna Lyons, however, is a different story entirely. Not just because I love J. Crew and Proenza’s bags are perfection, but because the whole outfit is perfection. Neon is intense, and neon on neon isn’t the way to go. The way to pull off neon is to let it be the statement piece of the outfit. When the neon is competing for attention with everything else you’re wearing, that’s when it goes wrong.

Here are some awesome bloggers pulling off (or not) the trend:

The Blonde Salad offsets her bright dress with some classy black accessories. That gorgeous girl is the definition of class.

In theory, the pop of neon is cute. In practice, it’s ruined by everything else she’s wearing. I don’t like to hate on people’s personal style, but I’m not a fan of this look. Eat. sleep. wear. is usually fashion savvy, but the green tights take away from the neon and aren’t flattering.

The Man Repeller, a fashion goddess, pulls off a neon denim jacket by dressing it up with a feminine skirt, some Chanel booties, and her own Proenza bag.

Forget everything I just said. Jason Wu has convinced me. I adore neon.


4 thoughts on “The Great Debate: Neon Edition

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  2. I agree with you about the neon. There was too much of it in the 80s (and everything neon that I wore was certainly tacky) so I’m impressed to see pieces that I actually like. That dress is fabulous! Who knew you could make a neon green dress so fabulous!

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