Valentine’s Day: What I Wore

Being a designer must be really hard. Every season, they put themselves out there to be judged by the likes of the Queen of Fashion, Anna Wintour. I can only imagine the courage it takes to see your own creations go down a runway, not knowing how they will be received. I have no interest in being a designer myself, but I would like to give a little salute to their bravery by putting myself out there today. This is by far the wackiest thing I’ve ever worn to school. But hey, what’s the point of being single on valentine’s day if you can’t wear a sequin skirt before 7 p.m.? A forehead accessory? Polka-dot socks with polka-dot wedges? Everything all at once?

I call this one the “I wear sequins. Deal with it.”

t-shirt: Rag & Bone, bra: Victoria’s Secret, black skirt: Topshop, sequin skirt: re-purposed costume from my high school musical, tights: Uniqlo, necklace: Juicy, sweater: Marc Jacobs, socks: Hue, shoes: Target, dance belt (worn as headband): Capezio

I got a judgmental look from an old lady on the subway this morning because of the flower on my face. It was pretty awesome. The two-skirts-at-once thing was inspired by the man repeller, one of my fashion icons. The sequin skirt is actually part of my costume for the school musical, Aida, but more on that later. The headband is actually a ballet belt, pinned in the back to fit size of my head. Playing it safe is no fun.

Hope you all had a great valentine’s day.


2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day: What I Wore

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