Fish in the Sea

And on my dress.

Good morning all! It will probably be afternoon by the time I post this since I have yet to take pictures, but I’ll pretend it’s still morning. I like this outfit and I hope you do too. I’ve had this dress forever, it was a hand-me-down from my sister. I think the first time I wore it was four years ago. Since it’s extremely short, I thought I should wear it with extra-thick tights since, you know, it’s still winter. The dark purple tights bring out the light purple in the dress, and I like the contrast between the dark purple and the red stripe. My everyday boots and denim shirt keep it casual. As much as I love designer clothing, you don’t need a label to look good.

I call this one “The Angry New Yorker”

dress: vintage, belt: from somewhere in Italy, boots: from somewhere in Italy, tights: Hue, denim shirt: Madewell

Happy Wednesday!


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