Senior Project Proposal

I want a career in fashion. This has been my goal for the past few years and I have already taken steps towards achieving it. I had a three week internship with Edit, a clothing store on the Upper East Side, and have taken two classes at FIT, a college for fashion. For my senior project, a want an enriching internship in the fashion industry to further my fashion knowledge and abilities.

I am content with buying other people’s coffee from April to June as long as I can get a behind-the-scenes look at an aspect of the industry, meet and learn from experts, and look at amazing clothes. I hope that the people I meet during my internship will serve as a network of connections for my later years of involvement in the industry, so that I can continue to get internships and eventually a career.

I have already received an offer to intern for Racked, a fashion website. I am not entirely sure what the job entails, it could be anything from making coffee to writing the articles that are n the website. Either way, I’m excited.


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