The Four C’s

Creativity, critical thinking, citizenship, and courage.

I don’t think of myself as a particularly creative person, despite my interest in dance and fashion. I have a deep appreciation for creativity, but I don’t think I particularly posses it. That being said, LREI has fostered my appreciation for creativity. The school emphasizes progressive forms of education and alternative ways of thinking and learning, which I respond well to. LREI has infinitely expanded my critical thinking abilities. Through my classes here, I have developed an ability to analyze, form my own opinion, and express it effectively. I expect to do some writing for my internship, so critical thinking will play a part in my performance.

LREI has taught me a lot about what it means to be a citizen and a member of a community. Not just the LREI community, but a citizen of New York, of America, and of the world. But for this blog post’s sake, I will only talk about being a citizen of the LREI community. I have been fairly involved with the school, especially through the theater program. In 10th grade, I assisted Peggy with choreography for the musical, and in 11th and 12th  grades, I participated in the musical. Through this experience, I feel more of a part of the LREI community and a citizen in it.

As I said in my last post, I enjoyed minimesters at LREI, particularly teaching “Passion for Fashion”. Previous to this experience, I didn’t have enough confidence in my knowledge of fashion and the industry to teach a class on it for three days. Being pushed to challenge myself in this way, I gained more courage and confidence in my abilities and leadership skills.


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