My Successful Experiences at LREI

LREI has been a successful experience for me in many ways. Academically, the school’s mission of being progressive is one that fits well with my learning style. I am a “learn by doing” type of person, and the LREI environment and community encourage that. My favorite class at LREI has been Human Rights. I was intimidated at first because I had never had Tom as a teacher before, but as a result of that class, I now have a great relationship with him. He wrote my college recommendation letter and I am currently doing an honors project with him. I learned so much in that class, not only on the subject, but I learned how to push myself to be a better student and to expect more form myself. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the class was the emphasis on projects and presentations. I am a good public speaker and a good presenter, so I generally get a better grade on presentations than on tests or papers. The final, which was styled like a TED talk, was ultimately much more appropriate for the class and the topic than writing a paper would have been. I also learned how to create a successful power-point thanks to Karyn’s lessons, which made a huge difference in my presentation ability. I love that LREI is the kind of school that would think to teach students how to create an engaging and effective power-point, a skill that will become increasingly valuable as we enter our professional lives. At LREI I discovered my love of history and hope to explore it more in college.

I have had a positive experience with minimesters at LREI. In 10th grade, I took the songwriting minimester, and I am now in the songwriting x-block class. It’s a great creative outlet for self-expression, even if the song never leaves the room. For minimester this year, I collaborated with Adele to co-teach the “Passion for Fashion” minimester. I became friends with people I otherwise never would have been able to spend time with and also had the opportunity to expand my teaching experience. I enjoyed sharing my knowledge about fashion with those who were interested. It’s wonderful that LREI has so many connections, and therefore is able to provide us with amazing learning experiences, like getting a tour of Harper’s Bazaar and spending time with the Missoni’s.


2 thoughts on “My Successful Experiences at LREI

  1. It is clearly evident that Tom and the history department have made such an impact upon you and your passions. I have also taken that class, and agree with you entirely that even though it was an intense class, it definitely paid off. It is wonderful to understand how much LREI really allowed you to find your interests.

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