The Four C’s

Creativity, critical thinking, citizenship, and courage.

I don’t think of myself as a particularly creative person, despite my interest in dance and fashion. I have a deep appreciation for creativity, but I don’t think I particularly posses it. That being said, LREI has fostered my appreciation for creativity. The school emphasizes progressive forms of education and alternative ways of thinking and learning, which I respond well to. LREI has infinitely expanded my critical thinking abilities. Through my classes here, I have developed an ability to analyze, form my own opinion, and express it effectively. I expect to do some writing for my internship, so critical thinking will play a part in my performance.

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My Successful Experiences at LREI

LREI has been a successful experience for me in many ways. Academically, the school’s mission of being progressive is one that fits well with my learning style. I am a “learn by doing” type of person, and the LREI environment and community encourage that. My favorite class at LREI has been Human Rights. I was intimidated at first because I had never had Tom as a teacher before, but as a result of that class, I now have a great relationship with him. He wrote my college recommendation letter and I am currently doing an honors project with him. I learned so much in that class, not only on the subject, but I learned how to push myself to be a better student and to expect more form myself. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the class was the emphasis on projects and presentations. I am a good public speaker and a good presenter, so I generally get a better grade on presentations than on tests or papers. The final, which was styled like a TED talk, was ultimately much more appropriate for the class and the topic than writing a paper would have been. I also learned how to create a successful power-point thanks to Karyn’s lessons, which made a huge difference in my presentation ability. I love that LREI is the kind of school that would think to teach students how to create an engaging and effective power-point, a skill that will become increasingly valuable as we enter our professional lives. At LREI I discovered my love of history and hope to explore it more in college.

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