It’s Not Fall Until It’s Fashion Week

And thank god it’s Fashion Week. As you probably know, Fashion’s Night Out is tonight, which kicks off New York Fashion Week, which kicks off all the Spring 2013 shows. But as much as I wish I was in SoHo right now, unfortunately I’m still on campus. Not that college isn’t awesome, it’s just that Connecticut will never be able to measure up to Fashion Week. I tried to get myself home in time for tonight. For the love of fashion blogging, I tried, but it didn’t work out with the train schedule and like a true city girl, I can’t drive. So I’m forced to observe this FNO and NYFW from behind my computer screen instead of behind my new camera.

But enough complaining about not being in New York City. There is a greater implication of NYFW that effects even the students at Connecticut College. It’s fall. Finally! I never thought I would follow “it’s fall” with “finally!”, but that’s the interesting thing about fashion. Summer has always been my favorite season. You know, sun, beach, no homework. Normally I would never want to rush summer to a close, but as my love for fashion has grown, so has my appreciation for fall and spring. Why? Because they are the most fashion-friendly seasons. Obviously wearing the same winter coat with jeans and boots every day is not the most fashion-forward outfit I can think of. Summer gives you much more room to breathe fashion-wise, but the heat does put a major damper on exercising your layering skills. My point is that my three pairs of denim shorts got old at least a month ago and I really missed my blazers. Apart from the fact that the beginning of the school year this time around didn’t seem like total doom and gloom since college is much more fun than high school, and not only is FNO and NYFW a fashion blogger’s best friend, but this year I’m excited for fall because unlike it’s predecessor, the sartorial opportunities are endless. Welcome to Fashion Week.

Side note: I would love to get outfit posts back up and running, but I have yet to find a photographer here, so… I’m working on that.

Side note #2: I survived my first full week of college classes! Wooo!


The Big One-Eight

I have a day and a half left to be seventeen. For the past two years I have spent my birthday getting a mani-pedi, going to the Barney’s Warehouse sale, and spending the evening with my friends. It’s been a good routine, but three times isn’t the charm this year. The Barney’s sale is online (there is a physical sale, but it starts the day after my birthday, which is also the day I leave for college). So I will most likely be spending at least part of the day packing, and the other part of the day trying to figure out how to register to vote. Exciting, I know.

Anyway, I hate when you ask people what they want for their birthday and they say “I don’t know”, so here’s my birthday wishlist should you feel so inclined to get me a present. 😀

Free People Blue Velvet Chambray Buttondown $118

I wear my Madewell denim shirt, like, all the time (see it in action here, here, here, and here), so I know I would get a lot of use out of this one. It would be fun to change it up with a darker wash, plus I love the bib-like top and the velvet detail.

Zara High Heel Sandal with Ankle Strap $70

I saw these shoes on Carolina of Fashion Squad and loved them (see her posts featuring the shoes here and here). I have a few pairs of black heels already, but none of them are very college party appropriate. They are all either too uncomfortable to realistically spend more than five minutes in, have more of a job interview-height heel, or are a little too fancy. These have a high enough heel to be fun, but are also much more wearable because they have minimal contact with skin, especially around the heel, which makes them much more comfortable. They would look cute with any party dress and tights for a night out, or even with jeans and a fitted sweater for a day when I want to look more put-together.

Karla Deras x Roman Luxe Python Cuff Bracelet $77

I’m not as oh-my-god-I-need-that about this as much as the other items on the list, but I do think it’s really fun and cute and a great way to add umph to an outfit. Check out Karla’s fashion blog, Karla’s Closet, and the rest of her collection for Roman Luxe here.

Influence Leopard & Mesh Skater Dress $42

This is hands down my most wanted item on the list. I’ve had my eye on this dress forever, it’s so adorable. The black mesh panels tone down the leopard print, and the full skirt makes it effortlessly cute and feminine.

Mingle iPhone Case $35

How perfect is this iPhone case? I love the blurred gold sequins and the hint of light purple (my favorite color).

Or a Sephora gift card. I would always be happy with a Sephora gift card. What do you think of my birthday wishlist?

Sorry for the silence in the last week, I’ve been super busy trying to get everything I need for college. I will try as hard as I can to keep posting regularly but, you know, I am moving in four days.

While Away

I had a particularly difficult time packing for St. Thomas (remember that Caribbean island I was talking about?) because nearly everything I put in the suitcase, my mom took out and told me that it was too nice to take. I wasn’t allowed to bring my new Derek Lam knit top or my wedges from Florence. White girl problem? Absolutely. But still, I was reduced to jean shorts and t-shirts, which is kind of uncomfortably casual for me. So since I’m home and can wear heels again, I thought I’d make a post on the items whose absence was greatly felt.

Rag & Bone feather print jeans:

These are my favorite pair of pants that I own. They’re the same print as the Rag & Bone dress that I wore in London. Usually I try to wear skirts and dresses as far into fall as physically possible, since my winter wardrobe of jeans and a sweater is rather boring and un-fashion-forward. But ever since I got my hands on these beautiful babies, I’ve been looking for any opportunity to wear them. And it’s August. I bought them right before I left at the beloved Rag & Bone sample sale. And look! Joan Smalls has the same ones! I have the same jeans as a supermodel! And she wore them on page 76 of the August 2012 issue of Teen Vogue!

Loeffler Randall platforms:

I’ve mentioned these shoes a few times before on the bog, so you already know how much I love them. I wore them to senior project presentation night, senior banquet, graduation, and just out to get coffee. They might even beat out my neon shoes from Italy and my Jimmy Choos as my favorite pair of heels, which is quite an accomplishment.

I Love Juicy shampoo from Lush:

I have been using this shampoo for what feels like forever. I’m almost out of my second bottle of the medium size. The tiniest bit thoroughly cleans out everything in your hair and leaves it feeling refreshed. The smell is so distinct and spring/summery, I think I missed the smell more than anything else. It’s very fresh, light, and lemony.

My stuffed animal, Snowflake:

Snowflake and I have shared a bed since second grade. I got him at Hamleys, a toy store in London. He was much whiter and softer then. Since he’s rather large, it was impractical to take him with me to St. Thomas, although when I was in third grade I demanded that he come with us on any trip longer than a week. I believe we had to take another suitcase because of him during my family’s two week trip to South Africa that year.

What items/products/stuffed animals do you miss most when you go on vacation?

Shady Shadows

If fashion is my first love, makeup is my second. This will always be first and foremost a fashion blog, but I do also enjoy blogging about beauty-related things (read about my foray into lipstick here). I love watching beauty videos on YouTube, there are some really great channels out there. My favorites are Missglamorazzi, FleurDeForce, Pixi2woo, AllThatGlitters21, and Juicystar07. Since I’m fairly certain that my only male viewers are my dad, occasionally my grandfather, and maybe my friend Steven, I hope the rest of you enjoy this post.

For the past few months I’ve been pretty lazy/uncreative with my eyeshadow. I’ll blame it on my new-found fascination with lip products. I’m very loyal to my Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24 Hour Cream Gel Shadow in Bad to the Bronze.

Long name, I know. But it’s great, a sweep or two gives me beautiful bronze lids that last all day. It’s low maintenance, and it’s relatively inexpensive. But the other day I was watching this video of Missglamorazzi’s and thought that the eyeshadow palette she was using was really pretty. It was Wet ‘n’ Wild Color Icon Trio in Walking on Eggshells.

And get this, the palette is $3 for all three shadows. Three dollars. I’ve never tried any of Wet ‘n’ Wild’s products before so I had no idea what I was getting quality wise, but I figured it was worth a shot considering how pretty the colors are. I also bought a fancy eye primer from Sephora just in case the colors lasted, like, five minutes. Since you can’t swatch makeup in drugstores, I had no idea what the colors actually looked like on me. By the time I got home, I was curious that I opened it up and put some on- sans primer- before heading out to hot yoga class. I had assumed that I would simply sweat it all off in yoga, I just wanted to see the colors on my skin.

What really sold me on this product is that after an hour and a half of Sun Salutations in a crowded room heated to 90 degrees, my eyeshadow looked just as good as when I had first applied it. I had no idea that $1 eyeshadow could have such amazing staying power without a primer. In fact, when I got home from yoga class, my sister asked me what eyeshadow I was wearing and said it was pretty. Basically this palette is just so crazily amazing and cheap that I couldn’t not share it with all of you. So go forth and shadow shop!

On a completely unrelated note: you may have noticed that the blog looks different. I’m going to be playing around with some different themes until I find one that I like. I didn’t like the last one because once you scrolled to the bottom of the page, it automatically loads more posts and I want a theme that lets you click an “older posts” button so that you get multiple pages of posts. I think it’s just neater that way. But I don’t like this one because it puts my blogroll at the very bottom of the page, and I quite like my blogroll and want all of you to be able to see it. So if there’s a particular theme that I test out that you like, feel free to let me know in the comments below.

The Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For

Or maybe not, it depends on how emotionally invested you are in things having to do with my prom dress. But I’ve been told that I’ve created quite the buildup, so…

Readers, meet my prom dress. Prom dress, readers.

And also my friend Steven, who was not my prom date.

This is Emmett, he was my prom date.

He gave me a corsage and everything

Steven, again

This is the closest thing I have to a shot of the back of my dress. That’s my friend Hannah admiring the front of it.

I had to throw this shot in here, I love the depth of it with the two boys looking the same way, and the action of it with my hair flipping.

And of course you know my shoes. I wore Tart Deco by Essie on my toes.

My shoes are way cooler than Emmett’s. And far less comfortable.

The clutch and rings are my mom’s. I wore Van D’go by Essie on my nails.

And since I know that you want to meet more of my friends…

From left to right: Miral, Taylor, Steven, Danica, me, and Emmett

From left to right: Thomas, me, Margot, Emmett, Miral, and Talia

These six amazing people are my closest group of friends. From left to right: Lucia, Hannah, Olivia, Sasha, Steven, Genevieve, and me

…Where’d Lucia go?

So about the dress. It’s vintage, as I hinted at before. It’s from the 60’s and was made by this guy:

I was so mesmerized by the design at the top, I took a picture of it in the in the store’s dressing room

Some people were surprised that I went with a short dress since it’s not the “princess” look I said I wanted, and all the other prom dresses that I mentioned on this blog (here, here, and here) are long. But in the end I’m glad I went with something different. Nearly every prom dress I saw, either in stores or in people’s pictures on Facebook (especially Facebook), was long, strapless, and pastel. Honestly, if I had worn a prom dress that looked like everyone else’s prom dress, I wouldn’t be staying true to my personal style. That’s why it’s called personal style. I like to take sartorial risks, seek out a one-of-a-kind dress, and fall head over heels in love with a short, black, velvet dress with a beaded silver and gold (together? gasp!) top, and wear it to prom.

When my sister saw the pictures, she immediately asked me what I was wearing on my lips and asked to borrow it. Just in case you’re wondering the same thing, I was wearing my NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Never Say Never. It’s amazing.

Now for the last burning question: where have I been for the last two months? Well, an island in the Caribbean, mostly. I tried to write this post before I left, I swear, but I have been having technical issues with WordPress. When I write a post, WordPress is supposed to automatically save it as I go. But occasionally it gets temperamental or something and decides not to save it. The problem is that I can’t tell that WordPress decided not to save it until I’ve already lost everything I’ve been working on. So my break from the blog was out of frustration. Then I went on vacation to a beautiful place with a lot of beaches. The downside is that it is a place devoid of fashion inspiration. And, at times, internet connection. But now I am back in New York and ready to blog. Speaking of inspiration, Fashion Week is just around the corner…

It’s good to be back.

Senior Project Presentation Night

I apologize for the two week silence, I’ve been really busy with end-of-year stuff, you know, writing papers and rehearsing presentations. Speaking of presentations, tonight was senior project presentation night. Overall I think it went really well. I enjoyed seeing my classmates’ presentations even though I didn’t get to see nearly as many as I wish I could. My presentation was on fashion blogging and trends for Spring/Summer 2012. That presentation was my last graduation requirement, and this post is my last school assignment post. Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere, I’ll just be talking about my high school a lot less. The entire third trimester internship and blog combo had worked really well for me, it was fun, I learned a lot, and it gave me a chance to enter the fashion world.

I can’t promise regular posts in the next week since I still have work to finish up, but on Saturday you’ll all see my Prom pictures (!), and I’ll probably do a post on what I’m wearing to senior banquet and graduation as well. The blog will get a lot more attention once I’m done with school. Can’t wait to get back to you all.

The Ultimate Princess Dress

Today’s post is another story of a prom dress I didn’t buy. (If you need to catch up: here and here). I went to Second Time Around, a vintage store near school, on the hunt for the dress. This one immediately caught my eye. I’ve always been a sucker for the princess look, but this dress made me feel like I should own castle.

The tight corset and the big skirt is exactly what I was looking for. It was made in the 90s by this guy:

So, if I’m so in love with it, why didn’t I buy it? Well, my ribcage was too big and I couldn’t get the zipper to zip all the way up. Sad, I know.

But this isn’t really about the dress. Yesterday I went to New York Vintage, a different vintage store, with no luck. I was so frustrated that the perfect dress was evading me, that I turned to Bloomingdale’s. I know  it’s not a crime to look for your prom dress at Bloomingdale’s, but I really wanted something vintage and one-of-a-kind. If I showed up in the same BCBG dress as five other girls, it would not be pretty. In my desperation-turned-online-shopping, I wasn’t comforted. The dresses I saw online at Bloomie’s were okay, but I didn’t think anything was particularly stunning. So I started today’s prom dress search feeling a little down about my prospects. And then I saw the princess dress. And even though I couldn’t fit into it, it gave me hope. It gave me hope that there is a perfect dress out there with my name on it, and it’s not in Bloomie’s.

And then something crazy happened: I found that dress. It’s on hold at the store, literally with my name on it, and it’s so vintage it hurts (don’t worry, that’s a good thing).

Final Reflection

Sorry to interrupt the usual programming, but this is not yet my independent fashion blog. It’s still a school assignment that requires school-related work. I’ll be back with more fashion stuff soon.

So now that my internship is over, I have a chance to reflect on my experience. I learned a lot about how the journalism field of fashion works, the pace of both industries, and how to cater to a specific target audience. I loved learning about designers I didn’t know of before, like Loeffler Randall (see almost every post I did last week) and being sent out to cover sales. My favorite part of the internship was writing articles. It felt so grown up to know that someone trusted me with the responsibility to be the actual news source behind the Racked articles. As my internship went on, I was given bigger and bigger articles to write. In seven weeks, I wrote eleven articles (check them all out here). The biggest challenge for me in writing articles was trying to remain consistent with the Racked voice. Racked often injects some humor and personality into their writing, while still delivering information neutrally and efficiently. It was difficult for me to find that balance in my writing there, while simultaneously trying to figure out my own voice as a fashion writer here.

In terms of expectations, I really wasn’t expecting to be given so much responsibility. It is easy not to be taken seriously when you have yet to graduate high school (three weeks!!), so it was a refreshing change of pace. Also, in my daily high school life, I am consistently surrounded by people who are younger than me, which I think also affects the situation. In an office space I am by far the youngest person there, but because I am working alongside everyone else, I feel less like a little kid being taught, and more like an adult being mentored. My last day was the new photo intern’s first day, and she was clearly older than me. When all four editors are working from the office, the interns are pushed over to the table by the bathroom which, believe me, can feel a little ostracizing. But on my last day when three of the editors were in the office, I got the fourth seat and the new girl got the bathroom table (though it’s really not as bad as it sounds). I wasn’t pushed aside because of my age and therefore assumed incompetence, but had earned my stripes after seven weeks of hard work. And that felt awesome.

This internship has confirmed for me that fashion is what I want to do, though perhaps not necessarily in journalism. Nevertheless, it has been a great experience, not just for my resumé, but for life.

Save It For A Rainy Day

I bought this romper at this sale two weekends ago and I can’t wait until it’s warmer out so I can wear it more often, I love the button details on the side. Rain and fashion don’t like each other much. I want to give a big thank you to my wonderful photographer Susan, who dealt with rain and technical difficulties to shoot these photos for me.

Romper: vintage, shoes: somewhere in Rome, belt: Urban Outfitters (don’t judge me, it was 9th grade), watch: vintage Timex, ring: gift shop in the Denver Art Museum